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Training & Facilitation

Acknowledging Cultural Competences


  • When employees understand their impact and influence on clients, business, bottom line and beyond, they not only become engaged; they become empowered.

  • During this seminar, participants will gain an understanding of various cultural values, beliefs, languages, racial backgrounds, sexual orientation, and attitudes that underline verbal and nonverbal communication. 

  • Participants will develop an understanding for dynamics of context and power in intercultural communication. 

Dr. Appleton as a broad range of training and facilitation capabilities. From designing professional development workshops, online training and instruction, and curriculum development - Appleton provides a tactical, yet strategic approach to learning in the classroom and workplace. Provided below is an at-a-glance overview of trainings available:

Creating an Inclusive Workplace: Mastering Implicit Bias

  • By fostering relationships in a democratized organization, diversity and inclusion within any corporation, can be achieved. To create thriving ecosystems designed to connect, grow, and build, this exciting seminar will review the constructs and best practices in mitigating bias in the workplace.
  • Each participant will receive tips and best practices on how to build stronger teams and a diverse workforce. ​​

Leadership through Storytelling


  • Are you a visionary or influencer? If you have a mix of communication styles, join the club! Effective leaders have been found to encourage dialogue, develop opinions and enhance corporate responsibility. Maintaining this ‘ahead of the curve’ philosophy can be a daunting process, especially when an internal communications strategy falls through the pits. In this seminar, participants will learn how to effectively lead via storytelling, maintain their influence and develop their organizational vision. 

Veronica's Past Speaking Engagements


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