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Appleton currently serves as Senior Lecturer of Intercultural Communications at DePaul University. Her research interests include race, culture, cultural intelligence, equity, bias, behavior change, and gender identity. As a former Adjunct Professor of Organizational Communications at DePaul University, Appleton also served as a Board Member on the Committee for Contingent Faculty for the College of Communication (2016-2018).

Course Overview: Intercultural Communication (CMN 103)

CMN 103 is a core course (in-person or online) for all communication majors and a worthy elective for students from other colleges. We define intercultural communication very broadly as communication between people from different countries, between people from different co-cultures within the same country, between people who vary in gender, age, religion, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, language, socio-economic class, or whose lives vary in other significant ways that bring about different cultural ways of seeing and interacting. Sometimes people perceive their intercultural interaction as intergroup rather than interpersonal. It is our hope that we will learn from one another as we examine the significance,nature, processes, contexts, and applications of intercultural communication. The course readings will help us explore these various aspects of cultural communication.

Overview: Books Critiqued by Appleton's Intercultural Communication Students

1. Gain an understanding of various cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes that underline verbal and nonverbal communication.

2. Exposure to theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of intercultural communication.

3. Ability to articulate the breadth of cultural values and communicative practices.

4. Understand the dynamics of context and power in intercultural communication.

5. Enhance self-reflection, flexibility, sensitivity and empathy.

Course Syllabus 
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