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Scholar-practitioner, Veronica Appleton, PhD, is an award-winning educator and JEDIB Executive with a passion for creativity and innovation. Her work intersects understanding human behavior and culture building. Appleton has a keen appetite for addressing challenges found most commonly in the workplace: 


  • BIPOC Women in Leadership — support in career development, often overlooked and silenced.

  • Storytelling in Leadership — intentional tool for employee engagement, brand building from the inside out. 

  • Racial Parity in AMC Industries — advertising, marketing and communications (AMC) industries lack of racial diversity and belonging.

Dr. Appleton's courses are developed and intended to provide students with (5) core benefits: 

1. Gain an understanding of various intersectionality's, customs and cultures.

2. Exposure to theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of people communication and workplace change.

3. Ability to articulate the breadth of cultural values and communicative practices.

4. Understand the dynamics of context and power in intercultural communication.

5. Enhance self-reflection, flexibility, sensitivity and empathy.


See below for an overview of courses taught by Dr. Appleton: 

Courses Taught @ DePaul University (2014 - present)

CMN 103: Intercultural Communication

ORGC 201: Corporate Communications in the Workplace 

ORGC 357: Organizational Communications & Social Media in Healthcare 

ORGC 506: Leadership & Organizational Theory 


Courses Taught @ Northwestern University via 2U, Inc. (GetSmarter) (2020-present) 

Racial Equity in Business Certificate Program 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Certificate Program 

Courses Taught @ Yale University via 2U, Inc. (GetSmarter) (2021-present) 

Women in Leadership Certificate Program 

Curriculum Designer & Faculty Developer @ DePaul University (2022-present) 

Managing Innovation & Change in the Workplace Certificate Program 

Intercultural Intelligence (ICQ) Certificate Program 

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