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Journey To Appleville

What can six kids from a local neighborhood do when they have a goal in mind? Embark on a quest to Appleville, of course! Join Kenan, Tu-Tu, Pedro, Liu-Liu, Lizzy, and Cassie as they overcome their fears with the help of the Appleville Fairy. Can you help them earn their Golden Apples?

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TuTu Goes To School

Tu-Tu loves learning and her journey to Appleville gave her the courage to read many books! Now, that it’s the start of the school year and Tu-Tu has a special “Show&Tell” prize for the class. Happy to share with her classmates, Tu-Tu’s goals for the future is to become an archeologist to explore the earth, travel to far places and learn about different cultures. This week’s Show&Tell prize is a special treat, many will be happy to see.

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Sunday Morning; 52 Ways for

Every Sunday of the Year

Is a culmination of quotes, scriptures and all-time favorite sayings of mine. Designed to prepare every individual with a little inspiration on the first day of the week, Sunday Morning provides 52 quotes to correspond with each Sunday of the week for the year.

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Mama, Why?

Malcolm learns that gun violence in his neighborhood caused two of his friends, Brandon and Marcus to go to heaven. This leaves Malcolm quite unsettled in losing more of his friends. This riveting tale gives families, children and many across the world a closer look into the lives of individuals suffering from gun violence, and the role of parents and local leaders who are determined to create a safe environment in their community. As the story ends, Malcolm, the energetic activist encourages every parent to not answer “Why Is Our Neighborhood So Bad?” but to answer “Why Is Our Neighborhood So


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“Your kids will see themselves in this book – no matter the ethnic or cultural background.”

Lisa Nelson, The Squishable Baby 

“Definitely an opportunity to fill a gap in children’s literature.”

Kathy Knapp, President of K2 Leadership Group, LLC 


“Every child has fears, just like adults, and this book tells kids that its ok to have fears but if you want to

accomplish a dream, a goal, or a wish you must first overcome them first. How awesome is that? Even as adults we

have the same problem. I loved this book and the message. My kids decided that a trip to Appleville is


Les Rhodes, Multicultural Children’s Book Reviewer


“The author does a wonderful job of creating a great place for little ones to discover truth. The story is the perfect

way to help your child learn and strengthen them to be a good individual. It is a great book that will even get adults

thinking about the golden apples in their life.”

Cassandra McCann, Cassandra M’s Place 

I would recommend this book to the children who are afraid to share their feelings and hopefully after reading

this book, they will have the courage of the kids who journeyed to Appleville.”

Chick Lit Central, 11-year old reader

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